Author announcement – Christopher Hodder-Williams

Introducing Venture Press’ latest author: Christopher Hodder-Williams.


Fistful of Digits


Christopher was the author of some of the most forward-thinking, advanced science fiction of the mid-twentieth century. His books have been lauded as visionary, and were considered staples in the genre in their time. Venture Press will be publishing eleven of Christopher’s science fiction classics, beginning with FISTFUL OF DIGITS.


Christopher Hodder-Williams was an English writer, mainly of science fiction, but he wrote novels about aviation and espionage as well. Before his career in writing, Hodder-Williams joined the army in 1944, and served in the Middle East and lived in Kenya and New York, later settling in the UK. Many of his books are early examples of what would later be called techno-thrillers. He also worked as a composer and lyricist, and wrote numerous plays for television.



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