Mr Lazarus

‘ … a surging intensity that keeps the reader glued to the page.’ –New York Times

London. 1970.

Vicky Graham, an unsuccessful film producer at the BBC, crosses the path of Luciano Raffi, a famous violinist, as he performs at the Proms.

For Vicky he represented something she could not have, but something she longingly craved for. A chance to lift her out of the unloving greyness of everyday life.

Through her job at the BBC, she is able to organise an interview with him, but their meeting triggers a renewed obsession with him.

The reason? Luciano has something in common with Vicky – they both know about the portal.

A secret history, nearly untraced, connects these distant souls.

But will it last?

Mr Lazarus is the latest book in Patrice Chaplin’s series following The City of God and The Portal. Chaplin is a renown international bestselling author.

Praise for Patrice Chaplin:

‘Powerful romantic fiction in the tradition of Emily Bronte.’ – Guardian

‘ … a surging intensity that keeps the reader glued to the page.’ – New York Times

‘Genuinely witty horrors’ – The Observer

Patrice Chaplin is an author, journalist and playwright. She first visited the city of Gerona, in Spain, when she was 15 and it was then that she learnt about the Grail mystery. Throughout her life she has maintained an active interest in the history of the Grail and has lived in Spain and France. She has published more than 36 books, plays and short stories.