“Science fiction as it should be written.” Isaac Asimov

He will stop at nothing to save her…

Luke Abramson’s granddaughter is dying of cancer. A living nightmare.

The prognosis is dire.

Despite the odds, Abramson, a renowned cellular biologist, is certain that he can cure his granddaughter, Angela, by destroying the tumours that are taking her life. But a number of problems stand in his way.

Going against the desires of Angela’s parents, Abramson’s smuggles Angela out of the hospital.

Now begins a race against time – and the authorities – to treat Angela’s cancer. Whether or not he will succeed, it soon becomes clear that the very treatment he is giving his granddaughter could be the key to a longer, better life for the whole of humanity.

But the authorities are not the only ones interested in Abramson’s experiments.

Soon Abramson not only has to protect his granddaughter, but his science too.

But who can he trust?

From renowned science fiction writer Ben Bova comes Transhuman, a perfectly balanced hard science fiction with a gripping narrative.

Praise for Ben Bova:

“This is a highly successful fusion of SF and political thriller.” — Publishers Weekly

“One of the rare science-fiction books that deserves a wide audience.” — Chicago Sun-Times

“Bova proves himself equal to the task of showing how adversity can temper character in unforeseen ways.” – The New York Times

“a must-read” – Booklist

“One of the genre’s most accessible and entertaining storytellers.” – Library Journal

“Slick, snappy narrative, worthy convictions, all-too-plausible forecasts.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Millennium is the crowning achievement of Ben Bova’s career to date … one of the most sheerly believable stories in science fiction.” — Galaxy Magazine.

“Bova’s novel hinges on the hope that somewhere, somehow, there will be enough people with enough vision to see beyond national boundaries and to act in the cause of humanity.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“… one of the most pleasant tales of terror I have ever read.” — Luna


“Science fiction as it should be written.” Isaac Asimov

The Countdown has begun…

The world’s superpowers have colonized the moon, the Earth becoming more and more decrepit.

On this new territory, the bases of two former enemies join forces: The USA’s Moonbase, or known by its inhabitants as ‘Selene’, and Russia’s Lunagrad.

The Countdown to nuclear war and annihilation has begun…

Together, they must launch the most daring offensive ever against Earth in an attempt to save mankind…

From itself.

Millennium is an outstanding novel of science-fiction, exploring a tense and a very plausible political landscape.


BEN BOVA was Editor of Analog Science Fiction-Science Fact magazine, the most widely read and influential science fiction magazine in the world. He received the Science Fiction Achievement Award (Hugo) for best editor of the year in 1973, 1974, and 1975. His short stories and science articles have appeared in all the major science fiction magazines, as well as the Smithsonian Magazine, the IEEE Spectrum, School Library Journal, and many other periodicals. His book The Fourth State of Matter was honored as one of the top one hundred science books of the year 1971 by the American Librarians’ Association. Star flight and Other Improbabilities was selected as a Junior Literary Guild book in 1973. He was the 1974 recipient of the New England Science Fiction Society’s E. E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction.

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