The Vanishing Man By Sydney J. Bounds

“Destroy the tyrants!” came the roar of the crowd. “Level their cities to the ground and avenge our dead. Death to Earthmen. Send the ships now—atom-bombs for Earth!”

Alec Black, popular novelist and secret agent, had been sent on an undercover mission to Mars.

The Martian colonists were making preparations for a major offensive against Earth. Someone was working up a war-fever amongst them, and unless he could do something to prevent it, the whole system would be engulfed in atomic war.

Beginning his investigation, Black finds himself being shadowed by the driver of a car, a small, nondescript man in a grey suit. Crossing to the parked vehicle to confront the man, Black finds himself looking inside an empty car: the man had apparently vanished into thin air!

So began Black’s strangest case, one that was to plunge him into a dimension of horror…

Praise for Sydney J. Bounds:

‘A nerve-wracking celestial thriller.’ – Tom Kasey

Sydney James Bounds was an English author. He wrote over forty novels and hundreds of short stories, many published under pseudonyms or anonymously. He was best known for his science fiction, but also wrote horror, Westerns, mysteries and juveniles. Starting in 2007 his name has been honoured by the British Fantasy Awards’ Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award (a revival of the earlier Icarus and Newcomer Awards), which is sponsored and funded by his estate. His other Venture books include Mission of the Brains, Frontier Legion, and Sword of Damocles.


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