Unto the Beast

“Captivating…” – Associated Press

The world is at war … and the machinations of evil are on the rise once more…

1945. Nazi Germany.

The world has been at war for six years, and not for the first time in this century a watchful eye is focused on the movements of the Germany army.

But unseen, another battle is being waged.

An eternal battle, a terrifying force, far larger than the men involved.

We travel back in time, to an era when future terror is only the twisted dream of a young man.

But when strange rites are freshly performed, a secret gateway slowly opens…

The world may not be ready now or in the future for the power and horror that lies beyond.

But they do not know – this force has been here for generations…

Travelling further in time, we find a medieval world beset by a terrible power. Where a beast awakens from its ancient slumber and steps through the gates to create hell on earth.

And in 1945 in Nazi Germany, a man named Adolf Hitler evokes this hell once more…

Unto the Beast is a chilling, powerful saga of speculative fiction and time travel following the savage rule of a man called Hitler — and how his unnatural obsessions sprang not only from a vicious heart, but from a dark and supernatural past.

Praise for Richard Monaco’s works:

“Captivating…” – Associated Press

“Epic scope…” – Los Angeles Sunday Times

“Monaco’s dialogue and meditations are often salty and fresh … a restless, strenuous rumination on civilization’s death and resurrection…” – Kirkus Reviews

“Worth waiting for. Often bawdy and raw…” – Publishers Weekly

“Monaco recreates the taste, touch, smell and sound of the knightly world in reality, not romance … he succeeds brilliantly…” – Library Journal

“Monaco presents dark, tormented tales … not for the weak-hearted.” – Fantasy Newsletter

“an instant classic.” – Salisbury Times

“… unbelievably talented … a literary miracle…” – Drogin Book Column

“… offers a worthy inclusion in the enduring and ever-expanding Arthurian literature.” – King Features Syndicate


Richard Monaco

Richard Monaco

Richard Monaco wrote the best-selling Parsival novels, 1977-2012, two of which were Pulitzer finalists. In addition he wrote over a dozen other books, plays, and screenplays. Monaco studied musical composition at Columbia, edited a national student newspaper and a poetry magazine, and had a radio talk show based on his textbook The Logic of Poetry. In 1979 he co-founded a NYC literary agency and the online journal, Grand Central Review, in 2015.

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