The Woman of His Dreams

The end is nigh…

“A high-tech heroic fantasy full of adventure, puns, and damn good reading. Well thought out.” Pulsar

The award-winning Dreamland Chronicles are now in ebook!

The Woman of His Dreams is William Mark Simmons’ gripping final instalment of the Dreamland Chronicles, the place where your wildest dreams – and nightmares – come true…

Dreamland takes you out of your body and into computer-generated worlds where anything you can imagine is possible. People become avatars, battle dragons and wield swords, spells and their wits.

In this final adventure, Robert Ripley finds himself in a situation he could never have fathomed.

Ripley wakes up in a parallel universe in the body of a woman, Nicole Doucet.

No idea how he got there, Ripley is launched into a series of adventures across the Dreamland, navigating original and parallel universes.

On his journey, he will encounter friends and foes alike… but he does not yet know that the Dreamland is coming to an end…

After the terminal diagnosis of a tumor for Michael Straeker, the programmer of the world, things in Dreamland are less secure, and Fantasyworld has become more real.

What follows is a race against time, as Robert Ripley must struggle to confront this harsh new reality before all is lost for good.

The Woman of His Dreams is an enthralling blend of science fiction and fantasy, humour and break-neck action. It is the third and final book in the Dreamland Chronicles.

Praise for William Mark Simmons:

“Frequently fun…” Publishers Weekly

In the Net of Dreams comes about as close as possible to translating the sheer experience of fantasy gaming into novel form.” Dragon

“…Simmons’ ability to mingle side-splitting humor with layers of depth makes him one of the most exciting new sf/f novelists to appear in years.” Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

“When Dreams Collide manages […] enough wacky hilarity to satisfy a Terry Pratchett fan” Mercedes Lackey, writer

“In the Net of Dreams by Wm. Mark Simmons is not the first fantasy novel to mix cyberspace and role-playing games, but is one of the best, and a highly impressive first novel.” Carolyn Cushman, LOCUS

“Simmons is a good storyteller who takes his work seriously, but isn’t afraid to have fun and to give his readers a good time.” Ledger Book Reviewer

“A nonstop romp through a complex and captivating world! Highly recommended!” K D Wentworth

“The second book is even more outrageous, and fun, than the first.” Algis Budrys, writer

“Recommended to those who enjoy gaming, computer programmers, and those who just like amusing fantasy.” M. R. Hildebrand


Jack Butler

Jack Butler

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