The Sign of the Moonbow

A world shrouded in darkness…

For the first time in ebook, here is Andrew J Offutt’s iteration of Robert E. Howard’s character Cormac mac Art, the headstrong Irish Viking who roved and adventured during the time of King Arthur.

Having travelled far and wide, Cormac mac Art and Wulfhere Hausakluifr have finally imprisoned the undying sorcerer, Thulsa Doom. The two heroes suspend him from the mast the ship, finding it is the only way in which he cannot use his magic; but still, he lives.

Bas the Druid soon unveils a prophecy that may change that. They must find a crowned woman and place in her hands the skull of the undying wizard, if the mysterious curse is to be lifted.

All seems well as they set out to find this prophesied woman. But disaster strikes as the evil wizard, unable to escape his fate, vanishes into another dimension – taking the ship and his captors with him…

Cormac and Wulfhere, along with their companions, must find the way to the only person who can destroy Thulsa Doom.

But will they ever find their way home?

Encountering far off lands, hidden places, and captured queens, The Sign of Moonbow follows the journey of two heroes trying to conquer evil once and for all. It is a gripping fantasy adventure featuring Robert E. Howard’s hero Cormac mac Art.

Praise for Andrew J Offutt:

“Great entertainment of epic scope” – Poul Anderson

“One of the major players from the sword and sorcery boom from the 70s” – Adventures Fantastic

“Offers a new dimension in heroic fantasy.” – Jerry Pournelle

“This is only the first of many adventures to come.” – Andre Norton


Andrew J Offutt

Andrew J Offutt

Andrew Jefferson Offutt was an American science fiction and fantasy author who wrote prolifically under a variety of pseudonyms and genres, including John Cleve, John Denis, Jeff Morehead, and Turk Winter. He is the father of novelist Chris Offutt and professor Jeff Offutt. A sterling author of both science fiction and fantasy, primarily in the subgenre of Sword and Sorcery, he was most active throughout the 1970s and 80s.

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