The High Kings

‘Here is the essence of heroic fantasy, made available to the heart and mind.’– Fantasy and Science Fiction

The Celts: a race of proud and passionate warriors, kings and queens.

From the court of heroic King Arthur, the landscape of ancient Britain is changing.

The people of this land are struggling – their way of life is under threat.

What follows in Joy Chant’s epic is a grand retelling of Britain’s greatest legends, the tapestry of myths and magic that flow through the pages of our most cherished texts.

Delve into The High Kings and discover a world not lost to the annals of the past, but still living in the culture of today. Joy Chant effortlessly blends fact and fiction here in this fantasy of epic proportions.

The High Kings is a fantasy novel brimming with tales of Britain’s magnificent legends, tales of giants and sorcerers and druids; of epic heroism, death and disaster; tales of myth and magic and wonder.

Praise for The High Kings:

‘Exquisite … bewitching …’ Marion Zimmer Bradley

‘The handsomest and richest vision I’ve seen of dream-glorious Celtic culture, fitly honouring the Island of the Mighty.’ Fritz Leiber

‘Here is the essence of heroic fantasy, made available to the heart and mind.’- Fantasy and Science Fiction


Joy Chant

Joy Chant

Joy Chant is a British fantasy writer. She is best known for the three House of Kendreth novels, published 1970 to 1983. She began writing in her early teens, and began publishing fiction while working as a Schools Librarian in London. She attended college in Wales, where her father had been stationed during World War II. Later, she lived with her husband and children in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

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