The Dark Mirror

“The atmosphere is always first rate” – Publishers Weekly

Mike Faraday is a P.I. out of the best tradition: salt of the earth, hardworking, a little rough around the edges, but smart as a whip.

When he gets a phone call from a nervous potential client, he thought the case would just be routine.

Then a silenced gun cuts down his client.

Soon, Faraday becomes embroiled in a trail of murder and violence, the likes of which he has never seen before.

Suddenly the case becomes part of a much bigger picture, one that has the potential to get Faraday killed.

Fortunately, being shot at is something Faraday is more than used to.

Despite the fact that corrupt cops run rampant through the LAPD, Faraday finds an ally in Captain Tucker, an apple munching, nose for the truth police chief, as they search for the answers to the mystery surrounding the client’s murder and the subsequent bodies that seem to line up the more they investigate.

The Dark Mirror is a fast-moving crime thriller and the first to feature Mike Faraday, the gritty detective who makes his living the hard way in downtown L.A. Faraday’s sardonic humor and way with the ladies lend an authenticity to this story and the mystery only gets more and more twisted the more Faraday discovers.

Praise for Basil Copper:

“Hard-boiled thrillers” – The Guardian

“an indefatigable talesmith in the Lovecraftian vein” – Kirkus Reviews

“[Copper has] achieved a truly poignant view of the macabre.” – Science Fiction and Fantasy Review

“his macabre writings have stood alongside the best work of his contemporaries” – The Black Abyss review blog

“lures the reader into a web of gothic splendour and macabre happenings” – Rising Shadow

“well-worth reading for its eerie atmosphere, wonderfully-described underground horrors, and growing tension” – Skulls in the Stars review blog


Basil Copper

Basil Copper

Basil Copper (1924-2013) was a British author. He wrote several horror and detective stories, and novels. He was perhaps best known for his series of Solar Pons stories continuing the character created as a tribute to Sherlock Holmes by August Derleth.

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