Steeldriver by Don DeBrant

With the power of a machine to destroy . . . And the will of a man to be free . . . Cyborg Jon Hundred faces the challenge of a lifetime.

He must tunnel through a titanic mountain on the planet of Pellay before a computerised mining machine beats him to it. The inhabitants of the pioneer settlement are betting on Jon Hundred and have wagered their lives in servitude for a chance at freedom.

But can he who is only half human conquer that which is all machine?

Bio for Don DeBrant:

Don H. DeBrandt writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, superheroes, cyberpunk, cyberfolk, and cyberanything else. He’s also published horror fiction in Pulphouse and a novella in the SF magazine Horizons. His fiction has earned him Honorable Mentions in both the Year’s Best SF and the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. DeBrandt lives in Vancouver BC, and is notorious in certain circles of Northwest Fandom (but not for his writing). His hobbies include leather-tasting, naked laughing gas hot tubbing, and being thrown off roofs by irate hotel security. He does not plan to run for office, ever. There are too many pictures.



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