Spaceship 13

“His reputation for fast-moving and colourful SF writing is unmatched by anyone in Britain.” Michael Moorcock

From the author of the bestselling Dumarest saga!

Never before in ebook, Spaceship 13 is a collection of four science fiction novellas sure to delight fans of E. C. Tubb!

SPACESHIP 13 – In a future where nation-like conglomerates mine the moon for precious minerals, Dale Amber, the unscrupulous shipping magnate, faces commercial ruin –unless, that is, he can find a pilot to deliver a volatile shipment to buyers on the moon. Manoeuvred by circumstance and militant unions, his own son is forced to fly the dangerous Spaceship 13.

HIDDEN TREASURE OF KALIN – An atomic war plunges mankind back to barbarism, and from the wastes rises the merciless tribal king, Kalin. The ancient machines and their knowledge are lost, all but to a few Readers who are charged with protecting and reading a cache of books in the vain hope of rediscovering the ancient secrets.

FREIGHT – Venus has been terraformed and the air made breathable. Venusian mushrooms, which proliferate the planet are sought for their rejuvenating narcotic oil. Passage back to Earth is costly and the workers find themselves exiled on Venus for life, but will they ever escape?

HOMECOMING – A Spaceman returning to Earth brings with him a doll intended for his first child, born during his absence in space. But as he arrives his family is nowhere to be seen, their home is derelict and the nursery deserted. Where could his family be?


E C Tubb

E C Tubb

Edwin Charles Tubb was a British writer of science fiction, fantasy and western novels. The author of over 140 novels and 230 short stories and novellas, Tubb is best known for The Dumarest Saga (US collective title: Dumarest of Terra) an epic science-fiction saga set in the far future. He has used 58 pen names over five decades. Edwin died in 2010.

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