Snowbeast! by Peter Tremayne

No man could have made such prints, even if a man were walking barefoot in the dead of night across an inhospitable mountain slope.

When Ellen MacDonald arrives for a surprise visit to her uncle’s remote lodge on the lower slopes of the snow-swept Cairngorms, Doctor MacDonald is on a most unusual case.

At the time-hallowed monastery of St Bechan, a brother has fallen dangerously ill with a mysterious sickness. The doctor’s diagnosis suggests a baffling fever, but to the monks of St Bechan, steeped in the dark myths of the Black Peak, it is a case of possession.

Sudden, savage deaths follow – animals, and then men. In the shadow of the jagged peaks towering against the grey skies of Scotland an immemorial legend has come to light – a legend reaching across hundreds of years and thousands of miles. In the chill mountains a low, fretful wail rises and falls with the driving wind – the cry of the SNOWBEAST!

Praise for Peter Tremayne:

“Mesmeric stuff.” – The Times

“Tremayne is bloody good!” – Penthouse

“Peter Tremayne is established as one of Britain’s leading horror fantasy writers.” – Retail Newsagent

“He brings to the writing of fantasy detail and dedication…scrupulous skill…” – Space Voyager

“Tremayne weaves no less engrossing tales than Edgar Allan Poe.” – Ashbury Park Press

Peter Tremayne is the fiction writing pseudonym of the Celtic scholar and author Peter Berresford Ellis. Peter Berresford Ellis is a historian, literary biographer and novelist who has published over 90 books to date under his own name and that of his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and Peter MacAlan. He has also published 95 short stories. His non-fiction books, articles and academic papers have made him acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on Celtic history and culture. His other works with Venture Press include Nicor!, The Ants Are Coming!, and The Morgow Rises!


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