Shadowspawn by Andrew J. Offutt

Hanse Shadowspawn of Sanctuary & Mignureal, his young lover, are travelling through the barren desert.

Mignureal is the daughter of the first person to show Hanse kindness in his harsh upbringing. He was once a lonely and ostracised orphan who was denied food by all those around him save her mother.

Hanse is initially resistant to the idea of seducing the young girl.

He has the power of wish and once time, he experimented with it and wishes for the young Mignureal to be waiting for him in her bed.

He had not expected it to work and as such to begin with, felt incredibly guilty about any seduction of her.

He then wished for this to appear only as a dream in both their minds. Although he knew the truth…

The desert proves a harsh environment for the two, even one as capable as Hanse, as they encounter danger, deception, sorcery and crime on their journey to the town of Firaqa.

They’re both lucky to have the help of Hanse’s vicious, yet loyal cat, Notable. An ally not to be scoffed at.

What further adventures await them as they delve deeper into the world?

Thieves’ World is the bestselling fantasy adventure series edited by Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey. A remarkable collaborative vision of today’s top fantasy talents, the series has over one million books in print.

Born in Kentucky in 1934, Andrew J. Offut has been a prolific writer for the majority of his life, specifically within the genres of science fiction, fantasy and erotica. One of his most notable works was his contribution to the Conan the Barbarian saga. His works within the Thieves’ World series spanned the last 35 years of his life.

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