Rinzler by Raya Jones

His brief was to ascertain whether or not the victim’s employers were implicated. This was precisely the danger zone that he did his best to avoid: corporations assassinating their own citizens.

Indigo, a Junior Clerk working for the OK Corporation, is murdered in her home.

Rinzler, a freelance Private Investigator in a post-Apocalyptic world, is hired posthumously by the victims own life policy.

He must discover whether the death is an assassination by Indigos employer. Or simply a cruel act of mankind.

Delving further into her life, Rinzler soon realises this is not going to be as simple as he hoped.

He soon finds his investigation hampered by politics and corporate cover-ups.

Becoming a suspect in his own investigation, Rinzler must quickly decide who to trust as this becomes a life or death case. For himself.

All clues are pointing to the resident androids, yet their programs render them incapable of harm to humans.

Or is Rinzler about to be thrown into the middle of a war between Artificial Intelligence and Humanity?

Rinzler is bursting with technology that we can only dream of and leads you on a journey of mystery, mayhem and murder whilst pursuing a truth that defies all logical capabilities.

Praise for Raya Jones:

‘A sci-fi adventure filled with intrigue, action, and the exploration of human connection’ – Alex Batty

Besides being hooked on science fiction ever since reading Asimov’s I, Robot as a child, Raya Jones is based in Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences. Her latest scholarly work concerns social robotics in the context of psychology as well as science and technology studies. Previous and ongoing work concerns Jungian and other psychological perspectives, and Raya has published several books in the field. Her other works with Venture Press include Fairweather.


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