Plague Pit

The pit that should never have been disturbed…

Deep foundations are being dug on a City building site when some old brickwork is revealed. Part of it collapses, releasing a gust of air so foul that all the men nearby begin to choke and retch.

Finally the nauseous stench disperses and they discover a burial crypt dating back to the Great Plague of London in 1665. But these pit should never be disturbed.

But when the intruders begin to show horrifying symptoms – fever, nausea, revolting swellings – the true horror of the pit is revealed.

All die hideously within five days.

By opening a burial crypt that should never have been touched, they have unleashed an infection on the nation that the authorities must prevail to control. Ignoring the threat, the government warn the spreading of a Super-flu to attempt to contain the panic. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the infection.

Charity, a local radio station presenter, and Paul, a scientist, are determined to unveil the truth, and save lives.

But the powers from above are too strong.

Can the pair find some way to combine the power of science with the power of media? The infection is fast spreading, but Paul and Charity must endeavour to spread the word and find a cure.

All the while, one of the men from the building site has mysteriously disappeared and cannot be traced…

Plague Pit is a chilling horror-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It was previously published under the pseudonym Mark Ronson.


Marc Alexander

Marc Alexander

MARC ALEXANDER is a former Fleet Street journalist and a consultant editor of Heritage Magazine. For many years he contributed a regular history column to Majesty magazine. His books include The Outrageous Queens, Haunted Churches and Abbeys of Britain, Royal Murder and A Companion to the Royal Heritage of Britain. Marc lives in London. PAUL ABRAHAMS publishes law, special forces, technical and travel-related magazines. A chartered accountant with a life-long passion for history, he lives in London.

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