A Plague in Paradise by Robert E. Vardeman

“The plague works on alien DNA. Cameron knows how to duplicate the virus. Because of the Plan, he’ll destroy every alien in the galaxy.”

Barton Kinsolving and Lark Veralles are desperately jumping to a random planet to escape the chase of both the Lorr and robotics master and assassin Cameron.

Lark, a weathly socialite, suggests Paradise, a planet that caters to whatever its visitors desire. Kinsolving makes the jump hoping to lay low for a while and evade recapture after escaping imprisonment for the frame-job he was submitted to after smashing Interstellar Materials’ deadly Brain-Burner Plan.

The Plan is a way to eliminate all alien life from the universe. The aliens have been starfaring much longer than humans and human technology and culture is looked down upon as being slow and stupid.

Hell is brewing in Paradise as part of the Plan. The nightmare creation of a DNA-unravelling virus which could destroy all alien life is under way.

Barton Kinsolving has unwittingly chosen the one planet for his escape that holds the next cog in the IM plan.

Cameron and Kinsolving will meet to battle it out yet again. Cameron’s mastery of robotics and cold-hearted strategy will face off against Kinsolving’s sheer will and quick ability to think on his feet.

Will Barton be able to stop the virus? Will the Plan be foiled?

Praise for Robert E. Vardeman

“Fast action, unusual characters, and fun to read!” – Fred Saberhagen

“Without a doubt, Vardeman can write an exciting page-turner!” – MyShelf.com

Robert E. Vardeman has written over fifty science fiction, mystery, western and fantasy novels. As well as his main works he has written under eight pseudonyms, venturing into game tie-in works, Star Trek novels, and short fiction. After gaining a degree in physics, he began writing for fanzines, resulting in a nomination for the 1972 Hugo Award for the Best Fan Writer. On top of his writing, he is also one of the founders of Bubonicon, a New Mexico science fiction convention. His other Venture works include Cenotaph Road, A Symphony of Storms, and The Glass Warrior.


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