Ogre by Marc Alexander

After walking in on his wife during an act of infidelity, Richard Finlay’s life is turned on its head.

To get away from his thoughts, Richard decides to move to the remote Cumbrian village of Greysike.

However, Greysike is suddenly hit with a wave of brutal deaths and all fingers are pointing to the newcomer…Richard Finlay.

The locals become wracked with terror at the horrific, inhuman nature of the murders and Richard falls victim to their fear (and drink) driven attempts at retribution.

However, his reputation is saved when a notorious murderer nicknamed the Leopard Man, who is rumoured to be in the area, is caught in the act and killed, the villagers think that is the end of their nightmare.

But the disappearances continue. As Finlay pieces together the chilling evidence he becomes aware of unspeakable menace.

The whole community is put in terrifying danger as it continues to satisfy its craving for human flesh…

Their detective work leads them to an old, long abandoned, possibly Roman mine that wreaks of death and decay…

…This must be the source.

For in the old mining tunnels far below, an age-old creature has awoken from its timeless slumber.

As Richard Finlay, Patricia Derbyshire and Karl Bruggermann descend into the old mine shaft they find the unimaginable creature and things just keep getting worse…


With authorities on their case to cover up such an unexplainable monster, the trio must hurry to bring an end to the horrific deaths before nothing more can be done.

Marc Alexander is a former Fleet Street journalist and a consultant editor of Heritage Magazine. For many years he contributed a regular history column to Majesty magazine. His books include The Outrageous Queens, Haunted Churches and Abbeys of Britain, Royal Murder and A Companion to the Royal Heritage of Britain. Marc lives in London.

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