Mission of the Brains By Sydney J Bounds

Across the country, scientists were being murdered. And the murders formed a strange and horrifying pattern—none of their dead bodies had heads! Furthermore, the trunk of each decapitated body was cauterized.

Clearly the heads had been destroyed by some fantastic heat weapon.

The importance of the scientists and the implications of unknown technology led to MI5 carrying out an urgent investigation.

They had only one curious piece of evidence to go on, one that had first been brought to the attention of Scotland Yard by the eccentric scientist Dr. Fox: each time one of the murders had been committed, the Burkholder touring Fair had been in the vicinity.

A mysterious and sinister act, known as The Brains are one of the star attractions of the fair, with their seemingly unlimited knowledge and disconcerting appearance.

However, if they are to blame, what is their purpose, and what will become of Earth if they are to succeed?

For the first time in ebook, Mission of the Brains is a thrilling science fiction novel from time tested, master of the genre, Sydney J. Bounds.

Sydney James Bounds was an English author. He wrote over forty novels and hundreds of short stories, many published under pseudonyms or anonymously. He was best known for his science fiction, but also wrote horror, Westerns, mysteries and juveniles. Starting in 2007 his name has been honored by the British Fantasy Awards’ Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award (a revival of the earlier Icarus and Newcomer Awards), which is sponsored and funded by his estate.


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