The Last Walk Out by David Helton

When your life is over, it’s the same as when anything is over – it just turns into another story.

The catastrophic Abunga virus has wiped out everyone on Earth except for a few scattered souls with natural immunity.

Other humans escaped this Apocalypse by fleeing to other parts of the Solar System, populating and exploiting its moons and planets.

A thousand years on, those now living on these distant outposts still can’t return but secretly confine and observe the survivors as a combination of social experiment and nostalgic entertainment.

Their former home is now a ‘holopark’, a new Eden, a Heaven on Earth. It’s a chance for the human race to start all over again.

There, Gibbous Moon, a 70-year-old tribal story-teller and seer, is leaving his settlement on a solitary Last Walk Out.

Except that he is not alone. Reluctantly he has to accept animal company in the shape of a determined dog he names Yellow.

And then his daughter-in-law Paintbrush and her baby Skyman suddenly appear after their clan is brutally massacred by rivals on the reservation.

Could it be possible that this small renegade band could now form an unlikely alliance, the basis of a real New Beginning?


Praise for David Helton:

The Last Walk Out is a story that satisfies on many levels – compelling and adventurous, with engaging characters including strong and individualistic women, it investigates the wisdom and contradictions mankind has confronted across history.” – Amazon Review

David Helton was born in San Francisco, graduated from the University of Texas and has spent most of his working mainly as a freelance journalist and documentary scriptwriter. He has won or been nominated for several international awards and has written one other novel, King Jude. He now lives in England.

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