Jorn by R. M. Dorn

Just an ordinary boy with extraordinary abilities…

Jorn grows up with his foster family and learns to weave tapestries. But he is quite unaware of two vital facts. He has the ability to work magic, and he is not fully human.

His mind is a fusion of colours. So many that he has to put them into a box in his mind to think clearly. To Jorn, this is normal, and something he suspects everyone has to do. To Mages of the Dwarran Realm, this is a sign of a Master of Nine.

They know the alien mage Darric is hunting for the Tools of Power. Weapons that will devastate Earth. Only a Master of Nine can wield the magic needed to stop him.

Jorn is catapulted into a race against time to master his powers. He leaves his home to join the Mages and train. But what no-one suspects is that Darric is aware of their every move. A traitor is amongst them…

Will Jorn be able to complete his quest? Or will Darric attack before he can reach his destiny?

To become the next Master of Nine.

Jorn is overflowing with magical energy to keep you entranced until the last page.

Bio for R.M. Dorn:

R. M. Dorn is a pen name. The author has enjoyed a busy and varied career, and a number of interests, including reading, theatre, art, local history and gardening. Following up on her life-long passion for fantasy, mythology, and science fiction, she now spends most of her time writing. With a tendency to get restless, and a liking for doing up houses, she spent twenty years moving at frequent intervals, but within a confined area. She has now put down roots, and has two homes, one in East Devon, for summers by the sea, and the other in West Sussex for snug winters by the fireside. Her other books with Venture Press include Mordant and Fool’s Game.


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