The Hand of Cyrvilus by Edmund Glasby

The sea-witch melted away. Oleaginous fluid seeped through the planking.
Bewildered, Everus looked about, his eyes searching.
“Get yer back to a wall!” shouted Creeps.
In the blink of an eye, the hag reformed.

After the abrupt exodus from Wyrm’s Port, a bitter Everus and his mysterious servant Creeps find themselves in Umm-Dabba, a desert wasteland far from their usual comfort.

After an audience with the child ruler of the land, Everus is set on a quest – for revenge. Everus seeks to destroy the god that used him. Xethorn, god of murder, is currently ruling Wyrm’s Port, and Everus seeks to destroy him. To do so, he must collect all the parts of the Hand of Cyrvilus.

The parts were scattered in dangerous places, guarded by lowlifes and magic alike to prevent their return, but Everus and his companions are determined to reunite them to exact his revenge.

They’ll face hard travels and gruesome monsters in the follow up to the grimdark fantasy epic Disciple of a Dark God.

Bio for Edmund Glasby:

As penance for past deeds, Edmund Glasby grew up in Morecambe and studied Egyptian Archaeology at University College London and Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford – Morecambe provided him with a better education. He started writing short fantasy/horror stories and eventually Disciple of a Dark God after finishing university. He is married with a five year old son who bears an uncanny resemblance to Damien Thorn from the 1976 film The Omen.


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