The Golden Amazon’s Triumph By John Russell Fearn

“I can personally guarantee the safety of your daughter — and her return to you unharmed — upon certain conditions being fulfilled…”

Chris Wilson, formerly chief of staff of World Airways, is now Controller of the Dodd Space Line, an interplanetary shipping company.

Mr. Rindle Emerson has come to discuss lunar ores, specifically itumen. Itumen is a special sort of ore found just below the Moon’s rock pumice surface. An extremely valuable resource.

Feeling very good about this proposition, Chris says goodbye to Rindle, but as he starts making calls within the company, he notices something strange about the huge cold-light globe hanging on a silver rod from the ceiling.

He is being spied upon!

But by who?

He immediately calls Violet Ray Brant, the supergirl whom the world knew as the Golden Amazon.

A woman of incredible intellect and bearing who would surely figure out what was going on.

It seems than an agent, by the name of Vanmeer X-19, had been recruited by Carl Mueller to feed information out of the Dodd Space Line.

But how was that possible? Carl Mueller had died five years previously.

After the Nazi’s were defeated, the V-rocket programme had been developed in all sorts of capacities, however Carl Mueller had been so bitter in his defeat that he had fired V-10#s from the moon to the Earth, loading their war-heads with atomic explosive.

To this very day the disappearance of Malta from the world, and the ruins of Cairo, Durban, and other great cities remained as monuments to his savagery.

Will Carl be successful this time?

Not if Violet Ray Brant, the Golden Amazon has anything to do with it…

Praise for John Russell Fearn


“… A pioneer of science fiction […] he was one of the Greats of the earlier ages, and his name should be there with Hugo Gernsback, John W. Campbell, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Murray Leinster, and all the others whose thoughts and works formulated today’s modern science fiction.” — John Carnell, New Worlds

British writer John Russell Fearn was born in Worsley, near Manchester, England, in 1908. As a child he was fascinated by the science fiction of Wells and Verne, and was a voracious reader of the Bovs’ story papers that flourished in England between the wars. His own writing ambitions were born whilst he was still at school, but he did not break into print until 1931, with a series of articles in the Film Weekly. He went on to become a prolific and revered writer within the science fiction genre. With Venture Press he has also written Waters of Eternity, War of the Scientists, and Secret of the Buried City.


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