The Golden Amazon Returns

For the first time in ebook!

Everything is about to change…

The 1960s.

20 years have passed in peace and prosperity since the end of World War II and the dreadful terror of the Golden Amazon – a superhuman woman genetically engineered to be the most powerful being on the planet.

Chris Wilson, the Chief of Staff for World Airways, is about to receive a proposal that will change travel forever – a ship that can journey into space.

Harnessing the atomic power the Golden Amazon left behind, these new space-ready vehicles would be a great asset to World Airways and to mankind. However, Professor Dodd is captured on the way to the airfield.

Kidnapped by German Nazi sympathizers hoping to regain control of Europe, they torture Professor Dodd to get him to reveal the secrets of space flight – and upon doing so, kill him.

But soon, a tall, mysterious, powerful woman appears and takes revenge…

A mystery unravels, as Chris Wilson begins to put the pieces of this horrifying set of circumstances together.

Has the Golden Amazon somehow survived?

And does she have the power to save mankind from itself?

The Golden Amazon Returns is a gripping science fiction novel, the second in the Original Golden Amazon series by John Russell Fearn. For the first time in ebook, you can now read these fantastic stories of post-war dystopia and transfixing wonder.

Praise for John Russell Fearn:

“… A pioneer of science fiction […] he was one of the Greats of the earlier ages, and his name should be there with Hugo Gernsback, John W. Campbell, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Murray Leinster, and all the others whose thoughts and works formulated today’s modern science fiction.” — John Carnell, New Worlds


John Russell Fearn

John Russell Fearn

John Russell Fearn was an extremely prolific and popular British writer, who began in the American pulps, then almost single-handedly drove the post-World War II boom in British publishing with a flood of science fiction, detective stories, westerns, and adventure fiction. He employed numerous pseudonyms, such as Vargo Statten, Volstead Gridban, Hugo Blayn, Thorton Ayre, Polton Cross, Geoffrey Armstrong, Dennis Clive, John Cotton, Ephriam Winiki, Spike Gordon, and many others. He is noted for such grandly extravagant science fiction as "The Intelligence Gigantic" and "The Liners of Time", "Mathematica", and the Golden Amazon series. He was so popular that one of his pseudonyms became the editor of VARGO STATEN'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE in the 1950's. His work is noted for its vigor amd wild imagination. He has always had a substantial cult following and has been popular in translation around the world.

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