Fool’s Game By R. M. Dorn

Only one card can win the Game, the rest will be eliminated. Which doesn’t matter, the cards will be dealt again. All except the Fool, who must win, or die.

The Daughters of Destiny play a Card Game which offers one person a unique prize, the chance to avoid an otherwise inevitable fate.

Single parent Charlie Brown has cancer. Despite partner Paul dumping her and walking out on his baby son, with the help of her family life was becoming bearable again.

While wandering around the area of the B&B she finds herself staying in, Charlie enters a shop and becomes drawn to a mysterious black box.

Within the box, Charlie finds a deck of cards like nothing she has seen before.

Little does she know that she has been chosen as the Fool, and to win her chance of life she must enter the world of the Game and lead her hand in a battle against magic and monsters to be the final survivor.

Who can she trust? In the Game, all decisions are crucial, and the last is the hardest of all…

Praise for R. M. Dorn:

‘I admire Rosemary’s astounding feat of imagination and storytelling skills.’ – The Bell

‘Ms. Dorn has an excellent imagination.’ — Karen J. Hickory, Baroness’ Book Trove

R M Dorn is a pen name. The author has enjoyed a busy and varied career, and a number of interests, including reading, theatre, art, local history and gardening. Following up on her life-long passion for fantasy, mythology, and science fiction, she now spends most of her time writing. With a tendency to get restless, and a liking for doing up houses, she spent twenty years moving at frequent intervals, but within a confined area. She has now put down roots, and has two homes, one in East Devon, for summers by the sea, and the other in West Sussex for snug winters by the fireside.


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