Follow Me by Ken Howard

He was about to sign out, when a curious file name caught his attention, just two words, tucked away and buried in the mass of dreary headings.
‘Follow Me’ it read. His eyes narrowed. Follow Me? What could that possibly mean?

Young Chris Daunt’s whole world collapses when, during his 15th birthday party, his older brother Andrew test drives a friend’s Kawasaki motorbike – and suddenly disappears from the face of the earth.

Andrew, a brilliant computer whizz-kid, has secretly been pioneering research in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and may well have been closing in on the Holy Grail of computing – The Singularity – when computers will equal or surpass the capacity of the human mind.

As his family falls apart and the police fail to come up with any leads, Chris enters Andrew’s room to try and find something, anything, that might give a clue to how or why Andrew disappeared.

Chris searches Andrew’s computer and discovers, and finally manages to unlock a protected file – Follow Me. The program prompts him to put on a prototype VR headset and he is instantly catapulted into an amazing and totally immersive Virtual world, where he will interact with the NPCs and become deeply involved in their destiny. He will also embark on a Quest, in which he will face life-threatening dangers – but also find true companionship.

He may also discover possible clues to Andrew’s whereabouts in the real world……

Follow Me is an enthralling adventure that proceeds concurrently in two worlds, with Chris in equal peril in both, and the story builds to a thrilling and nail-biting conclusion.

Ken Howard is a multi award-winning television director, whose career has spanned drama, documentary and children’s programmes. He is also a celebrated composer and songwriter with over 40 international smash hits and many million-selling discs to his credit and was the first British writer to write hits for Elvis Presley. London West End musicals include The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Mardi Gras and numerous TV and film scores include Miss Marple, The Flame Trees of Thika, Shadowlands and By The Sword Divided. He co-devised the boardgame, Sophie’s World, for his company, Sophisticated Games, which also publishes the million-selling Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Ingenious and Horrible Histories boardgames. His previous YA novel was The Young Chieftain (Random House). He lives in London and California.


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