Finishing Touches

“Clever, fast paced… an effectively chilling movie-in-the-mind” – New York Times

“Tension rise like a frightful fever and then peaks at nightmare.” – Publishers Weekly

The darkest terrors lie in the deep…

Tom Sutherland has come into quite a bit of unexpected money, and takes the opportunity to put his life in America on hold and travel to London for six months.

While out drinking one night, he meets Roger Nordhagen, a well-known and very successful plastic surgeon who takes Tom under his wing.

Tom is drawn to the man despite his misgivings.

During a night of revelry, Roger introduces Tom to his exotic assistant Lina, who immediately captures Tom’s attention.

Yet still, Tom can’t shake a feeling of unease…

Soon begins a courtship that Tom cannot get out of his head – and with Nordhagen encouraging them, their basest desires and most forbidden fantasies come into the light.

But fantasy turns to nightmare when Tom discovers what the surreptitious Nordhagen has been hiding from him.

A basement laboratory where cruelty, desire and madness combine to form the ultimate evil.

And now Tom asks himself:

Will he ever escape from these depths?

Finishing Touches is a gripping supernatural horror from bestselling author Thomas Tessier. It offers a horrifying insight into at man’s need for power and what humanity will do in pursuit of it.

Praise for Thomas Tessier:

“Rapture is great, destined to take its rightful place among the most memorable novels of psychological horror” – Washington Post

“Unpredictable… ingenious… nerve-paralysing” – Publishers Weekly

“Clever, fast paced… an effectively chilling movie-in-the-mind” – New York Times

“’The Nightwalker’ is perhaps the finest werewolf novel of the last twenty years…scary, grim, fast-paced, very good.” – Stephen King

“An intoxicating blend of psychological drama and physical compulsion… enthralling.” – Library Journal

“Thomas Tessier’s stories are truly scary.” – Kirkus Reviews

“rattles the nerves and shocks the sensibilities.” – Houston Chronicle

“one of that select band of writers whose horror fiction I am anxious to read as soon as it appears” – Ramsey Campbell

“one of the very best writers of horror fiction of this generation.” – Douglas E. Winter, Reader’s Guide to Horror Fiction

“Thomas Tessier’s stories are beguiling…evocative…mesmerizing.” – ALA_Booklist

“a vastly talented writer and his stories are shocking…horrifying.” – RMN_Newsroom

“There is a building tension under the surface that makes reading Thomas Tessier an intense experience all to itself.” – DreadCentral

“Thomas Tessier’s horrors spring from honest exploration of our erotic impulses.” – toomuchhorror

“[‘The Nightwalker’ has] brutal action and a welcome sense of ambiguity” Huffington Post

“Thomas Tessier’s command of his craft is captivating.” – The Hartford Courant


Thomas Tessier

Thomas Tessier

Thomas Tessier was born in 1947 in Connecticut and studied at University College Dublin, Ireland. After working at a British publishing house for a number of years, he returned to America and turned to writing, publishing his first collection of poetry in 1970 and his first novel in 1978. The author or ten novels, and numerous poetry and short stories, Thomas’s works focus on science fiction, horror and the supernatural.

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