Extinction By Ray Hammond

‘It’s larger in real terms than the tobacco settlements of the twentieth century, and the alcohol, cellphone and antidepressant awards of more recent times. Over eleven million people have lost their homes because of global warming, a phenomenon directly caused by the energy companies who once marketed oil, gas and coal.’

The year is 2055, global warming has happened, and the oil and gas corporations responsible for creating it have developed a ‘cure’.

Using climate control technology, they are able to manage and create new weather conditions, but only for those who can pay.

Millions of the poor are now environmental refugees. They are forced to live on abandoned oil tankers, with no food, fresh water, with no citizenship or rights, and battling the very worst effects of global warming. But those climate control technologies are wreaking their own havoc on Planet Earth.

Unexpected volcanic eruptions, huge earthquakes and tsunamis, all threaten to destroy everything.

A lawyer tries to fight for justice for the environmental refugees (known as the ‘hulk’ people) by bringing the evil ERGIA corporation to the high courts.

Along the way, he teams up with like-minded scientists and they try to uncover what is really happening deep down at the Earth’s core and warn anyone who will listen before its too late.

Praise for Ray Hammond:

‘Compelling, vivid and utterly terrifying… Be afraid, be very afraid.’ – Daily Express

‘This dazzling vision of global chaos explodes off the page with the dramatic force of a smart bomb.’ – Daily Express

Ray Hammond is a novelist, dramatist and non-fiction author. He is also a futurologist who lectures on future social and business trends for universities, corporations and governments. He lives in London and can be found on the web at www.rayhammond.com. His other works with Venture Press include The Black Hole and Emergence.

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