The Empire of Time by Crawford Kilian

Doomsday had occurred on April 22, 2089. These societies were technically far ahead of the 1990s, and the broken bits of their technologies were as tantalizing and mysterious as a cassette tape would have been to Leonardo da Vinci.

Jerry Pierce was the Intertemporal Agency’s most experienced operative – a time-traveller on the old subway train that whisked him back and forth through the ages.

He’d already altered history by directing the Turkish conquest of Constantinople four centuries ahead of schedule and garrotting an obscure Mongol chief before the man became a problem.

But his biggest assignment lay ahead. Seventy-four years ahead to be exact.

Because somehow, someway – nuclear war, alien attack, no one really knew – Earth was going to be destroyed and left a lifeless cinder.

It was every Intertemporal agent’s goal to find out how and to prevent disaster. But suddenly the problem had become Pierce’s special assignment…

And he is the only one who could prevent it.

About the Author:

Crawford Kilian was born in New York in 1941. Raised in Los Angeles and Mexico City, he is a naturalized Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife, Alice, and daughters, Anna and Margaret. Formerly a technical writer-editor at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley, he has taught English at Capilano College in North Vancouver since 1968. His writing background includes two children’s books (Wonders Inc. and The Last Vikings); critical articles on Charles Dickens and the Canadian writer James De Mille; several radio plays broadcast by the CBC; and Go Do Some Great Thing: The Black Pioneers of British Columbia.

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