Despot in Space by Donald S. Rowland

‘You will get to your feet and come with me. If you try to escape again you will be killed. There is no escape from us.’

Professor Rez Condor holds a position of great authority in the world government: he is a scientist tasked with preparing defenses for the World Master, Abelard Aubin.

The secret? Rez Condor is part of the resistance dedicated to taking Aubin down.

Condor has just had a major breakthrough with his Celertron. He has translated a mug through space and returned it without harm. This will allow him to beam himself right on the Retarc satellite where Aubin lives and assassinate the despot.

On his way to tell the others in his resistance group about the breakthrough, a sting goes down and Condor desperately runs back to the lab where he instructs his assistant Ethne Stound to send him through the Celertron.

Despite not knowing where he will end up, it is his only option to escape the World Master’s troops.

When Condor reappears on the other end of the Celertron’s beam, he looks up and discovers two suns in the sky! He has been transmitted out of the solar system and onto a previously unknown planet, filled with unhuman beings.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Ethne is left to fend off General Ozen, the brutal leader of Aubin’s forces. She uses her quick wit to stall for time and keep a cool head while being confronted about Condor’s whereabouts.

Will Condor and Stound be able to keep this technology out of the hands of their assailants, keep the mission going, and bring the world out from under the hand of the despot in space?

Praise for Donald S. Rowland

“One of those books that is hard to put down.” – Cheltenham Echo

Donald S. Rowland is a prolific author whose works have spanned three decades, ranging from science fiction to romance, westerns to military fiction. His various names have been attributed to hundreds of titles.


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