Demon in the Mirror by Andrew J. Offut

Tiana of Reme seeks to find her lost brother, and will do anything to get him back.

A fast paced fantasy, Demon in the Mirror follows the adventures of Tiana, a fearless heroine who is prepared to go to whatever length she must to solve the mystery of her missing brother.

In order to do so, there is one figure upon whom she must seek vengeance: the evil Demerral, whose body is scattered across the land – preserved to prevent his return.

Is Tiana prepared to face this force of evil and risk unleashing him to the world once again?

Fighting vampire nuns, demons, barbarians, werehawks and killer plants, Tiana must keep a clear head and strong heart enter the battle of the Wizards.

Along the way, she encounters characters good and evil, battling those who want to hurt her, and learning from those who help.

Praise for The Demon in the Mirror

“Not since Jirel of Joiry has there been a sword-wielding heroine like Tiana Highrider… who can stand back like Conan, Brak, the Grey Mouser… this is only the first of many adventures to come.” – Andre Norton

“DEMON IN THE MIRROR offers a new dimension in heroic fantasy.” – Jerry Pournelle

Andrew Jefferson Offutt was an American science fiction and fantasy author who wrote prolifically under a variety of pseudonyms and genres, including John Cleve, John Denis, Jeff Morehead, and Turk Winter. He is the father of novelist Chris Offutt and professor Jeff Offutt. A sterling author of both science fiction and fantasy, primarily in the subgenre of Sword and Sorcery, he was most active throughout the 1970s and 80s.
A professional research scientist, Richard K Lyon began writing at the suggestion of his wife. After over thirty years working as a scientist, Lyon retired to a smaller company and focused more on his writing. Upon joining the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America he began corresponding with Andrew J Offutt, which lead to the collaborative work The Demon in the Mirror.


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