The Demon Lord By Peter Morwood

What is life, except
Excuse for death, or death but
An escape from life?

Aldric Talvalin, young clan lord of the country of Alba, has beeen summoned to complete another quest.

It has taken Aldric Talvalin four years of his life to achieve a fitting revenge on the slayers of his family; and now life has lost its direction, its purpose, and even its first love.

He decides to leave the newly won citadel of Dunrath, his lost birthright, and his wanderings bring him to the ominous border provinces of the troubled Drusalan Empire.

Demon Queller – There in the forests of the Jevaiden plateau, Aldric meets Evthan the hunter and his beautiful niece, and learns that she, too is the lost heir to a stolen citadel.

Together they set out to the fortress of Seghar to quell the demon spirit that possesses it and to turn back into Outer Darkness forever the evil power of the god turned devil Issaqua.

The Demon Lord is a gripping epic fantasy adventure from renowned author Peter Morwood. It is the second of the Book of Years Series.

Praise for Peter Morwood:

“The descriptive writing is gripping, the characters strongly drawn […] An intensive read.” Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Annual

Peter Morwood is primarily a fantasy novelist and screenwriter, though he has also written works of science fiction. His best-known works include the Horse Lords series (in two sequences) and the Tales of Old Russia series. His other works with Venture Press include Widowmaker, Greylady, and Prince Ivan.


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