Death Dimension By Denis Hughes

Two short novels are brought together in Death Dimension

Death Dimension. When airline pilot Robert Varden’s plane is wrecked in a thunderstorm, he goes to bale out. As he claws his way through the escape hatch, he is struck by lightning and his consciousness fades into oblivion.

Miraculously, Varden cheats death, and awakes in hospital, after doctors succeed in saving his life. But he wakes into an unfamiliar world that is on the brink of a devastating war, and where his friends are mysteriously 17 years older than he remembered them.

Most mysterious of all—a second figure lies beside him in his hospital bed—and claims to be Robert Varden!

With his more sinister double wreaking havoc in his name, Varden must do all he can to avoid a catastrophic world war.

Blue Peril. Gregory Conrad is a doomed man in Brooking’s experiment.

The trouble began when Brooking discovered that the Thing his genius had made not only possessed a will of its own but superhuman powers as well.

Jerry Tern, an investigative reporter and Vivienne Conrad, sister of Gregory, join forces to investigate her brother’s disappearance, but soon become captives of the monster—the so-called Blue Peril of the popular press—and witness at first hand its reign of terror during which many people died and the peace of the world was threatened.

But is the Thing truly evil?

Denis Hughes (1917-2008) was a prolific writer who wrote a large number of science fiction and western novels. He wrote under a number of pseudonyms, including Ken Kester.


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