Dark Legion By John Glasby

‘But why do they do it? Surely there has to be a reason why people like this, so normal and pleasant during the daytime, change at night.’

Near the village of Tormount, on Cranston’s Hill, Malcolm Amberley had been found dead.

He was discovered in the centre of the Standing Stones, clutching the curiously ornamented hilt of a strange dagger, driven into his heart.

A curtain of evil hung over the village, a nightmare for Terence Amberley who arrived to attend his brother’s funeral.

Did Malcolm commit suicide, or did some evil force still remain viable in the area, forcing him towards a mysterious death?

As Terence begins to search for answers with the help of his old village friend Clivedon Park, he begins to see a pattern develop in the locals’ behaviour.

People are disappearing in great droves at night, and claim to not remember a thing about it.

But Terence believes uncovering where and why these disappearances are occurring will help him solve the mystery of his brother’s death…

Praise for John Glasby:

“A thrilling read.” – Robert Foster, acclaimed author of The Lunar Code.

John Glasby was born in 1928, and graduated from University with an honours degree in Chemistry. He started his career as a research chemist for I.C.I, in 1952, and worked for them until his retirement. During the early 1960s, Glasby wrote dozens of paperback westerns, all of which were reprinted in hardcover and paperback four decades later. Following his retirement from I.C.I., Glasby produced a steady stream of new westerns, science fiction and crime novels, right up to his death in 2010. His other works with Venture include Dawn of the Old Ones and The Coming of Cthuga.


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