Dark Constellation by Alex Random

“Surrender will mean annihilation for every man, woman and child on Earth and the space colonies. We are doomed, Madison, and our only hope of survival is to destroy Deorca.”

Captain Greg Madison of the Trans-Solar Defense, is running a routine patrol with his crew when he has a strange encounter with the enemy.

The Deorcans were reptilian; ruthless invaders from beyond the Black Deeps, and they intended killing all known life forms throughout the Universes.

Then after thirty years of resource draining war, they finally lay down an ultimatum: Earth had to surrender or be destroyed by a missile that would cause the disintegration of the solar system!

While those back on Earth are navigating the surrender, Madison and his crew take aboard the Admiral with a secret mission.

They are making their way back to the Deorcan home planet to destroy it, or die trying, beginning a nightmare voyage to the Dark Constellation, home of the Deorcan home world.

When crew members start acting strangely and sabotage is discovered in the engines, Madison and the doctor begin to look for clues of this strange behavior. When crew members start seizing, they discover a connection between the strange behavior and physical ailments with an undetectable radiation, which literally causes people affected to go mad before dying.

As they traverse deep space and reach the edge of explored space, things continue to get more perilous and unexplainable.

The Dark Constellation sits in a place that they may not return from, but they push on in the hopes of their sacrifice saving those they left behind.

Praise for Alex Random

“It is science fiction of powerful imagination.” – David S. Garnett

Alex Random is one of many pseudonyms used by the prolific author Donald S. Rowland. His works have spanned three decades, ranging from science fiction to romance, westerns to military fiction. His various names have been attributed to hundreds of titles.


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