Children of the Stars Boxset by Juanita Coulson

Children of the Stars Boxset collects the complete epic saga from award winning Juanita Coulson

Tomorrow’s Heritage

2041. When the first alien was approaching Earth, it found itself in the grip of the all-powerful Saunder Family. Every member of this dynasty seemed at war with the other.

In the quest for the Chairmanship of the people, the Saunders must struggle and fight in a contest over Earth’s very future. Project Search is in action, while brave pilots take to the stars.

Can human civilization survive with the coming of alien life, and can the Saunders find a way to listen to one another and lead humanity to that survival?

Outward Bound

Brenna Foix Saunder is the Martian-reared daughter of Earth’s dynastic Saunder family.

Fiercely ambitious, beautiful and determined, she puts an untried and dangerous experimental star drive above her own life. Stifled by the media frenzy surrounding the Saunder family, she has utter contempt for newshunters. Charlie Dahl is one such newshunter.

Brenna must seek refuge in the arms of her lover Derek, but trouble brews when he tries to stand in the way of her dreams.

To reach the stars by passing long years in frozen sleep is the only safe and sure way to complete her star drive mission. But Brenna Saunder can’t wait. She meant to conquer the light barrier — and to hell with everything her family and her lover could do to stop her.

Legacy of Earth 

Aliens are aliens, and humans are humans, and never the twain shall meet — or shall they?

Faster-than-light gravel to the stars was a discovery of the great Saunder family, and the vast Saunder fortune helped in the colonizing of alien worlds, among strange, nonhuman races.

But Anthony Saunder had no share in that fortune of heritage. He was only a clone, not truly human. And the business he had started on Procyon Four was on the brink of failure.

Then the catlike humanoid Whimeds came, asking him to use his skill in directing a presentation for the coming Interspecies Conference. And once he saw Yrae, the beautiful, almost human-seeming star, he could not refuse, though the job seemed impossible and led to endless trouble.

But all that was simple, compared to what he found at the Conference. There he ran squarely into the middle of a secret war between Whimeds and equally alien Vahnaj…

The Past of Forever

Dan McKelvey is a simple indie-hauler turned tech-mech, until a delivery leads him to a strange new planet.

His whole life he has had to live up to the legacy of his Saunder-McKelvey ancestors, but now, on this strange world, he has the chance to uncover the tragic past of a near-extinct race.

Joining Dr Juxury’s multi-racial xenoarchaeology team, Dan becomes their resident xenomechanician, helping them to restore the technologies of the native race of old.

But when Dan learns that he must travel to present the team’s scientific findings at the Twelfth Xenoarchaeological Assembly, he realises that his journey could never have been that simple.

Will Dan and his friends discover the sordid truth behind the downfall of an entire race?

Praise for Juanita Coulson:

“Coulson works on an enormous canvas — sometimes almost overwhelming. The characters are always memorable.” Marion Zimmer Bradley 

“… A richly detailed construction…” C J Cherryh 

Juanita Coulson is an American science fiction and fantasy writer. She is also widely known in filk music circles since the 1950s for her singing and songwriting; she has won several Pegasus Awards for her filking. For thirty-three years, she co-edited the science fiction fanzine Yandro with her husband “Buck” (Robert Coulson). Yandro was nominated for a Hugo Award every year from 1958-1967; it won the award in 1965, thus marking Coulson as one of the very first women to be so honored.


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