Chains of Gaia By James Fahy

“Something has happened in the forest, boy,” he said. “Something terrible. A Shard has been found, a Shard of the Arcania, and a monster has awoken.”

If you go down to the woods today…

Something dark and dangerous stirs deep in the Netherworlde. A violent, primal power, awoken from its slumber by the Shards of the Arcania.

A scourge lies on the great Everhart forest, a rampaging beast laying waste to the woods, and to the towns and villages that border it, bringing destruction.

It leaves none alive, and Robin Fellows, heir of Erlking and the world’s last Changeling, may be the only one who can stop it.

Pressed into service, Robin and his friends must navigate the deep and twisting secrets of the legendary woods, fighting to save the Netherworlde’s inhabitants from the ever-growing menace, while racing against dark enemies also searching for the source of the monster’s power – the Shard of Earth.

Troubled by a rising darkness from within, and a tendency for his magic to go haywire, before Robin can wander from the path and begin to unravel the truth beneath the trees, he must first find a way to come to terms with who – and what – he is.

Unexpected and unwelcome guests at Erlking, and uncertain guides in the wilderness, unsure what secrets are being hidden, even by his closest friends, Robin must decide who he can trust – in a world where it seems no one, friend or foe, is exactly as they appear.

Chains of Gaia is the thrilling third instalment of James Fahy’s bestselling Changeling series. Perfect for fans of High Fantasy storytelling and Fae mythology, this sequel to Isle of Winds and The Drowned Tombdelves even deeper into the magical Netherworlde, and into the mystery of Robin’s own past.

Praise for James Fahy:

‘Fast-moving with surprises and mysteries galore’ – Simon Clark, bestselling fantasy author

‘A puzzle-solving, secret-tomb-discovering, magic-filled adventure that takes you deeper than ever before’ – L. K. Smith, reviewer at Innate Plethora

James Fahy lives in the North of England, close to wild moors and adjacent to a haunted wind farm, with his extremely patient and long-suffering family and a very old cat named Gargoyle. When the cat dies, James plans to buy a raven and name it Quoth. He is the author of the Changeling fantasy series, following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own. In addition to fantasy, James also writes Science Fiction, Urban Gothic and Steampunk, for people old enough to know better.


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