Cenotaph Road

“Robert E. Vardeman has created a pair of heroes – and a villain of equal calibre – guaranteed to live in the reader’s mind long after the last page has been read.” – George Proctor

His path is set, but it could all end in darkness…

After a good night goes badly wrong, Dar-elLan-Martak finds himself on the run for a murder he didn’t commit.

With the viscious and much-hated grey soldiers fast on his toes, Lan must find a way to escape – and Cenotaph Road may just be the answer to that.

Legend has it that if you lie down in the crypt of a long-dead hero, when the moon is full and the clock strikes midnight, you will be transported … elsewhere.

But Lan soon discovers that one cannot escape ones problems so easily.

Hoping for a safe haven, he finds only a stronger desire for vengeance on the other side.

With an arachnid companion at his side and a treacherous journey ahead of him, Lan must stay hidden from the grey soliders that litter every world, all whilst seeking vengeance for the death of his love.

Cenotaph Road is an action-packed sci fi-fantasy fusion novel, the first in the Cenotaph Road series.

Praise for Robert E. Vardeman:

“Fast action, unusual characters, and fun to read!” – Fred Saberhagen

“Without a doubt, Vardeman can write an exciting page-turner!” – MyShelf.com


Robert E Vardeman

Robert E Vardeman

Robert E. Vardeman has written over fifty science fiction, mystery, western and fantasy novels. As well as his main works he has written under eight pseudonyms, venturing into game tie-in works, Star Trek novels, and short fiction. After gaining a degree in physics, he began writing for fanzines, resulting in a nomination for the 1972 Hugo Award for the Best Fan Writer. On top of his writing, he is also one of the founders of Bubonicon, a New Mexico science fiction convention.

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