Bound in Time

Bound in Time is a classic time-travel novel by D. F. Jones, featuring Dr. Mark Elver, a curious explorer with little time left to live. Boldly going where (or when) no one has gone before, he agrees to be the first human guinea pig and jump more than 400 years into the future.


In this enthralling Venture Press ebook, Mark learns about human nature, survival and passion in a brilliantly prophetic and timeless journey. This suspenseful story gives readers a gut-wrenching look at a possible future and what happens when humanity pushes too far.


Praise for D. F. Jones’ Colossus:


‘Full marks for this technological horror story. A combination of cybernetics and suspense that adds up to real SF’ – Sunday Citizen


‘A whip-cracker…’ – Chicago Tribune


‘It chilled my blood’ – The Yorkshire Post


‘Horrifying instalment of the man vs. machine competition’ – New York Times


Venture Press is a science fiction and fantasy imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We are committed to the discovery and rediscovery of immensely talented authors in the SFF genre, and continue to push boundaries in search of great literature. Join us as we venture across universes and unknown landscapes – past, present and future.


D F Jones

D F Jones

Dennis Feltham Jones was a British Science Fiction author; he was a Naval Commander in World War II, and lived in Cornwall until his death in 1981. His writings dealt with the ongoing battle – both physical and philosophical – between man and machine. He is perhaps most famous for his Colossus series, which was translated to the big screen in 1970 for the film Colossus: The Forbin Project, which was well received by critics, and was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1971.

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