Her spirit has awoken…


Countess Elizabeth Bathori has been walled up alive in her castle for murdering the murderess of 650 young girls.

Her reason: to bathe in their blood.

Her sinister life of drinking and bathing in her victims’ blood has become only a haunting legend…

But is her evil influence really dead?

Now, three centuries later during the Second World War, the German troops are retreating from Hungary. With the turning tides of war, a group of fleeing Germans take refuge in a ruined crypt.

They disappear.

And when they are found, it is in the worst possible circumstances.

They have been murdered, strangely and savagely.

Their death unleashes upon the world a horror that was once thought to have disappeared… but now, we shall see that it has been lying in wait ever since the Countess’ death…

Her bloodthirst still rages – and she will claim many more victims before it is quenched.

Bloodthirst is a gripping supernatural horror thriller with tones of the mystic and mysterious.


Marc Alexander

Marc Alexander

MARC ALEXANDER is a former Fleet Street journalist and a consultant editor of Heritage Magazine. For many years he contributed a regular history column to Majesty magazine. His books include The Outrageous Queens, Haunted Churches and Abbeys of Britain, Royal Murder and A Companion to the Royal Heritage of Britain. Marc lives in London. PAUL ABRAHAMS publishes law, special forces, technical and travel-related magazines. A chartered accountant with a life-long passion for history, he lives in London.

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